About Us

McClintock Land Associates

Servicing Alaska State-Wide

McClintock Land Associates, Inc. (MLA) is an Alaska Native majority-owned and managed Survey & Mapping firm based in Eagle River, Alaska. MLA was founded in 1982 as McClintock Land Survey Co. and incorporated into its present form in 1989. MLA specializes in Bush Alaska survey projects and has worked throughout Alaska in over 150 communities.

Our staff possesses the knowledge and experience it takes to complete Alaska’s technically and logistically demanding projects.

MLA regularly provides services including:


    • Land Surveying – Subdivisions, Lot & Rights-of-Way, Topographical/Design Surveys, Cadastral Surveying for BLM and ANCSA Corporations
    • Construction Surveying – Emphasis in setting up and supporting 3D GPS Machine Control for Heavy Equipment to allow for increased efficiency in remote locations
    • Aerial and Terrestrial Mapping – Air Photos, Community Maps, Contour Maps, Orthophoto Mosaics and Digital Terrain Models
    • Realty & Land Status Services – such as title research, land status mapping, easement/right-of-way or site control acquisition, ANCSA14(c) reconveyances, and ANCSA land management consulting

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